Portugal, the mountain villages (06-09 September)

We woke up petty early and started moving towards mountains to deliver our car to Margus. It’s quite a coincident that we are selling our means of transportation,  the car, to Margus in order to meet the other Margus whose sailboat will be our next transportation method.

In total, we stayed up there in the mountains from Thursday through Sunday. The village where we stayed was called Sobral.  We did not know what the place would be like, so prepared ourselves with buying the food for the whole three days. The house in the mountains was quite difficult to find.. it is in a very small village with only 2 other people living there. The Estonian guy, Margus, who agreed to buy our car – said that there is going to be someone in the house to feed his cats. We were more expecting that it would be an old Portuguese cat lady, but it was actually a Bob, a guy who also lives nearby village, and he is actually from the UK. This was a pleasant surprise because Bob was the best companion ever for the next three days in the mountains. He told us many things about the life in such small mountain villages, about the recent forest fire they had in the region, about himself and his family. We found a really good friend whom we are happy to visit again at some point in the future.


Right after we arrived, we also met Sean who came to greet us and invite us for the dinner. It seemed that the whole village already knew that we were there. Sean had moved to the mountains also from the UK a half a year ago. He is a local mechanic and building currently his own cottage by the river. Since we had brought some food with us, we invited Sean and Bob to join us for the dinner and we cooked pasta for the two guys. Bob also made some bean dish with vegetables. We agreed that the next evening we would have dinner outside in a restaurant which is about a half an hour drive from where we lived. There is supposed to be the best local food in the region.

The house was we stayed was very sweet and it felt almost like at home. We had the whole second floor for ourselves, with kitchen and bathroom. Your eyes could just rest when looking at the view from the terrace. There were grapes growing along the staircase and the grapes were just sooo sweet. The best thing was waiting for us in the garden – loads of TOMATOES. Since Kaija loves tomatoes, it was a tomato heaven for her.


Margus also has a cat called Sleepy who just had small kittens. So she had 4 little kittens hidden in a box. The kittens were so small that they had not even opened their eyes. Around the house, there were many more cats, who constantly were fighting with Sleepy. She was probably protecting her territory and kittens. It was like a cat soap-opera.


The next day we went to dinner with Bob and Sean. Driving along the mountains, it was scary to see how much damage the fire has done to the forest. At least both of the guys were sad about it. We did not much notice it, because you still had a great view of the mountains and probably you could even see the mountains better because all the trees were burned down.

Before going to the restaurant, we stopped at a bar in the neighbor village Colmeal to have some beers. Beer is very cheap here – one bottle is 1 euro in a bar.


All the people who came by the bar somehow already knew that there are 2 Estonians staying at Margus’s house. And that Margus has a new car now (the Passat). So news travels really fast in a small village a such. It was quite funny because everyone somehow knew about our story and knew something about Estonia. The British guys around the table had a good laugh when Kaija was tricked into saying “twelve months” in Estonian… and Jaanus was even enforcing it because he could not believe that Kaija did not know that old joke. Oh well.. at least everyone was laughing with tears in their eyes. And this will probably be one of those stories that every Estonian hears who comes to this town.

The restaurant we went to indeed was extremely good and it was in a really sweet little village. There were plenty of traditional meals and we both decided to eat goat. Jaanus ate the old goat and Kaija the young one, but we both could easily have had our stomach full with only one of those. So we left with a huge doggy bag for the next day.


The last day in the mountains we mostly prepared to go on the ship. We wrote the blogs we had not manage to do so far and posted a lot of pictures to the social media. Since there is absolutely no cell phone reception in the mountains, we were lucky to have good WiFi.

On Sunday, Sean brought us to Porto and with that, we will continue our travel on a sailing boat and say goodbye to our incredible Passat.

We are lucky that we met such a good person as Margus although we never saw him. Also we were lucky that Margus has such a good friends as Bob and Sean who ensured we are not bored 🙂

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