Canary Islands – Lanzarote (28 -September – 01 October)

We sailed from Morocco to Lanzarote a couple of days. A perfect weather, warm water and a completely new harbor with conveniences were waiting for us in Arrecife. We had not been in such a nice harbor before. Despite the harbor was quite new, the harbor tax was quite low. It was much lower than in Morocco, where we didn’t get anything for the money we paid.


We were really welcoming all of this because sailing from Morocco to the Canaries had been quite a challenge. Margus got a bad stomach disease from Morocco and most of the time he was laying down. He even had a fever. Kaija gave him some medicines and hoped for the best. It was quite clear that we needed to be careful with the food we had bought from Morocco. We needed to make sure that we wash everything with fresh water and that we boil all the vegetables before we eat them. Luckily, both of us were fine during the trip. So we tried to make most of the night shifts on the deck so that Margus could have enough rest. Luckily the winds were favorable and we arrived earlier than expected.

As of the first thing, we went out to have a decent dinner at a restaurant next to the harbor. Kaija had challenges to make decent food during the voyage because she got a little seasick when being indoors, then all of us were quite tired from the fast food like pizza which we had been eating for the past couple of days.


We also used the opportunity having fresh water and electricity and did some cleaning up. We did scrub the deck and also cleaned inside. We made sure that the kitchen got especially clean to get rid of all of the germs. We also wash our clothes and finally also got a hot shower for ourselves. It has been a long time again when we had a hot shower.

If all the necessary things were done, we still had some energy to look around in the town. We felt really comfortable at the harbor and the prices were low, we decided to stay in Lanzarote for another night to have the chance to see the island a little bit more.

Walking around in Arrecife, our main aim was to find a car rental. In addition to that, we managed to see the local fortress, beach and a marvelous lagoon, where the locals kept their small fishing boats. Arrecife is a sweet small tourist city, where you’d actually do not have much to do. Thereby one evening was enough to see around there.


The next morning Jaanus went to pick up the car – car rental prices are really affordable at the Canaries. Our plan for the day was to drive around the island. The first place we went to was the Cesar Manrique Function which is in a small town called Haria. This famous local architect built a beautiful house right inside the lava caves and bubbles. He is the author for many of the beautiful architectural sights you can find in this island. The locals say that he is the one who has brought back some life to Lanzarote by tempting the tourists with the magnificent architecture.

The house itself was indeed impressive. There were beautiful living spaces built inside a volcanic stone. The rooms are connected through small passageways and the house was full of all kind of arts starting from Picasso to the pieces done by the architect himself. If someone has a greater interest in this, then it is good to know that some German guy also did a documentary about Manrique.

We made many photos and videos from the house, though it is still difficult to pass on the atmosphere.



Next, we went to Teguise, which is a small town where the local market takes place every Sunday. We hoped to get to refill for our fruit basket, but it turned out that the market was more concentrated on local art, handicrafts and whatever else you could imagine. Many sellers were there to make you purchase the fake Cucci handbags or Nike trainers. In the central square, a local elderly dancing group was presenting their folk dance skills and young girls were singing in the background. The marked was extremely crowded and we were not patient enough to really spend a lot of time there.


We started to drive toward where the Caleta De Famara beach is. The beach was a paradise for surfers, but unfortunately, there was a red flag flying, so we did not stay for long.


We drove further to La Isleta to see the natural lagoons. Youngsters were trying to windsurf at the lagoon. It was fun to watch because on one side of the road you could see the perfectly quiet lagoon beach and on the other side there were heavy winds and the waves were breaking towards the coastal cliff.


We did not have much time to enjoy the view, because we still wanted to visit also the Timafaya national park, to see the volcanic mountains. Firstly, we arrived at the national park’s museum, which for our surprise was free of charge. The museum seemed really interesting, but yet again, we did not have a lot of time to look around. We got information from the museum that we can only go by bus to see the Timanfaya and that it is not possible to have a hike to the top of the mountain. Along the coastline of Timanfaya national park, there is a long hiking trail, but we were not prepared enough to go there and we also did not have enough time. So, we could not hike this time 🙁

It was about 10 minutes drive from the museum to the park entrance which costs 10 Euros per person. Only lava fields were surrounding us. We soon arrived at a big restaurant where we needed to hop on the bus. At this point, we still hoped that we can walk along the volcano crater, but unfortunately this did not happen. The bus did a 40 minutes tour between the different craters. The drive itself was actually quite fun. We got to see a lot and also heard a lot about the place. The bus driver also made some action by speeding through the tiny valleys between the volcanic fields. The views from the window were amazing and we made a lot of stops, in order, everyone could see the volcanos and craters.


Finally, we arrived where the drive initially started. The program for the tourists was really well thought through, because followingly we were presented how the lava heat can start a fire or boil the bucket full of water in seconds. The restaurant serves food which is cooked using the lava heat coming from the ground. So we also decided to taste this food and the meat indeed was really tasty.




South from the Timanfaya so-called salt fields. We decided to take a look at those, but unfortunately, we could only see the fields from the distance, because it was Sunday and the gates were closed.


Close to the salt fields, there is a black beach. It is a beach with completely black sand. Neither of us had seen such a beach before. It was quite awkward to clean your legs from black sand pieces 🙂

One if the most famous places at Lanzarote is the Playa Blanca or so-called white beach. The town has also the best connections with other islands. At first, the challenge was to find the right beach because there are plenty of fancy hotels in this area who have privatized the beaches. Finally, it seemed that we found the right place. It was a small beach, but we still decided to go swimming while Margus was looking after our things.

While driving around we also encountered below places.


With that our tourist attraction tour ended. Followingly we did the compulsory shopping for a sailing trip to Tenerife. We started sailing the following morning.


The winds were not favorable at the beginning. We were only sailing at a speed of two knots. We used this opportunity to take a dip into the water because it was very hot and the sun was burning the skin.


Luckily by that time Margus also felt a bit better. At some point also Jaanus had felt ill, but luckily it passed quite quickly. The second-day sailing we had the perfect wind from the back and we could sail the whole day with the spinnaker. It was a really nice day for sailing and once for a while, it was great to see also beautiful islands on the horizon besides the endless sea.

To summarize, Lanzarote was a nice vacation. We saw and did enough to get a feeling about the island, but still, we did not manage to do the hike along the lava coastline… so someday we still would need to do that one as well! 


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