The new episode of our epic journey

The ones who follow our journey via PolarSteps may have noticed that we are not hanging around the marina anymore. This is because we decided to leave the boat and not to do the Atlantic Ocean crossing with it. It came as a difficult decision because it was one of our goals during this journey. It was partly because we realized that sailing just takes up too much of our time and we could do and see much more with the two months left in this year. There were certainly other reasons as well, because sailing is difficult, physically and mentally, but we decided this way it is better for everyone if we want to make the most of our adventure.

Fortunately, we immediately found cheap tickets from Cape Verde to Boston where Kaijas friend are waiting for us to visit them. First, we will take the domestic flight from Sao Vicent island to Praia and from there we will have an overnight flight to Boston. We are really looking forward to see much more of US as we had planned before and we are certainly happy to meet all our friends there!

Stay tuned and soon you will find blog post what we were up to in Cape Verde, Sao Vicente and Sant Antao islands

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