Washington DC (19-22 November)

Washington D.C is a beautiful city. Just like Boston its packed with history and culture. We spend there 4 days and explored some of the main sites in the city. For our great surprise all (or most of ) the museums and sights were free of charge as so was the zoo.

We were lucky to stay with our friends who had moved there recently. Thereby first of all big thanks and greetings to Kadri, Nils and Hugo!
The first day we visited Arlington National Cemetery. This is a United States military cemetery and the most famous cemetery in the country. It is the final resting place for many of USA greatest heroes, including more than 300,000 veterans of every American conflict, from the Revolutionary War to Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, John F. Kennedy has been buried there and an eternal flame burns at the gravesite of the former president, who was assassinated in 1963.

Later this day we visited the park where the Washington monument strands honoring the America’s first president. Around and in this park, there are many other statues and memorials honoring other presidents or events in American history but also many museums. There are so much of those that we had to do some selection which ones we will visit. We first visited Lincoln Memorial following the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Then we walked to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. We continued to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and ended our tour at Thomas Jefferson Memorial. What a great walk full of American history and this is only a small piece of which this park has to offer.

Since our legs were quite tired from walking and brains smoking trying to absorb the American history, then on the next day we decided that we will visit the zoo. But before that, Kadri took us to a wonderful walk by the Potomac river water falls. 

Zoo entrance was also free of charge, so Washington D.C is a real budget saver for us. The zoo was a great variety after our day full of culture. Animals in the zoo were exhibited well and you could observe them from different places and levels along the trail. Certainly, the most famous habitants there are the koala bears, chimpanzees and elephants. We had never before seen a koala bear and this made the visit very exciting for us.

On the third day we decided to visit one of the museums. Since it was holidays the Hugo did not had to go to the kindergarten, we thought that Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum would be something which Hugo also like. Security in public places is top-notch here and we had to go through a security check – just like in airports. Jaanus had the pepper spray and pocketknife in his belt bag and he was not let in at first. He went outside and hid those behind the dumpster under the leaves and picked them up again when we left. Museums itself was great and very big. At least a full day is needed to go through everything. We decided to do a quicker tour with a selection of exhibitions there. Most interesting was the history of American Aviation and the exhibition about the space race and journeys.

Hugo and Kadri left for home and we decided we will go and see the United States Capitol and the White House. Kaija had seen both of those before, but certainly, for Jaanus the white house was a surprise – it is actually quite tiny. Kaija was amazed by how much the security had changed. It was not possible to get as close to the house as it was 4-5 years ago. We were quite tired so we had quick lunch at a cafeteria. Jaanus was so tired that he fell asleep when we were there. So we did not spend much more time wandering around anymore and also went back home soon.

In the evening we prepared dinner for Kadri, Nils and Hugo, to thank them for their hospitality. It was a nice evening with friends and it almost reminded us like being at home..

Next day was our last and we did not plan anything because we had to leave early afternoon to gauge our flight to Seattle. From there we would start our west-coast road trip. Getting to the airport was quite an adventure. First we were bit late leaving but still made it on time to the train station. We had to take the train to Baltimore because this was where our flight was from. Arriving to the train station we found out that the train is not running due to Thanksgiving. There is another train company whose trains run but one just left and next one would not have made it on time there. So we were forced to take Uber to Baltimore. So all the budget saving we did vanish 😊

When we arrived to the airport we were in rush and tried to quickly made it to the luggage drop off. Soon Jaanus realized that he forgot his pepper spray and pocketknife into his belt bag and it was too late already to do anything. Ok, lets give it a try, maybe security check won’t notice this time. We were prepared to give those items up but for our surprise, we got through clean. Not sure if it was because Jaanus placed his wristwatch over the pocketknife or the old man behind the screen had troubles seeing. Anyway, seems security here at museums is better than at airports :D:S Despite that, it was quite scary to discover that these things happen… imagine if someone with bad intentions would have been instead of us..

We thought that this is where our hassle ends but when it’s a bad day its bad The first the end. When we arrived to the Seattle we missed the first bus to downtown. We waited for the bus for 30 minutes and when it came we were standing in queue with other people but it came out those people were waiting for some other bus. So while we were waiting in the queue thinking that the queue probably won’t move because someone is buying a ticket, the bus drove away. We had to wait another hour for the next bus. Luckily finally we made it to the apartment where we are staying in Seattle.

Stay tuned for the next posts about visiting Seattle and starting our west-coast road trip.

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