Seattle (22 – 26 November)

As soon as it was clear that we won’t sail over the Atlantic, we both imagined how we travel across the USA. Jaanus was especially exited since it was the first time in the USA for him. Despite the USA west coast road trip exceeded our budget, we still decided to proceed.

We started the road trip from Seattle. We spent 4 days in Seattle to have a proper rest, before the long drive. We were lucky that we could stay at Kaija’s nephew’s place. We spent most of the days in the area where the apartment was (Kirkland) and visited Seattle city center only for one day.

Like we described in the last post, the public transport is not particularly good in Seattle. Thus getting to the city center took some time. We did not do much research which places to visit, thereby we walked through the most famous ones – The Waterfront Park and Great Wheel, Gum wall, Pice Place Market and of course the famous Space Needle and the park around it. Most significant for us was perhaps the Gum Wall because it was impressive what kind of sweet smell there was because of all the gums. Although it was a bit disgusting, it certainly was one of the funniest places.

Pica Place Market was in a mood of Christmas already. You could buy local handicraft, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh seafood. From the market, you also have a great view to the Seattle wheel. Regarding the Space Needle – it was a little disappointment for us because it was much smaller than we expected it to be. Despite that, we enjoyed the park surrounding the Space Needle, where you could find several interesting museums and other entertainments. Unfortunately, only later we were told that Starbucks is from Seattle. If we would have known this before, we certainly would have visited the Starbucks museum as well.

Days in Kirkland passed by quickly. Most of the days it rained. So we worked on our blog and other administrative things. In the evening we walked around the area near the local harbor. There were a lot of families with their kids walking around. We saw many small crafts in the harbor and we were surprised by the houses which were built on the wooden poles over the water.

In summary, Seattle seemed the real IT peoples’ city. Microsoft, Google, and other big IT company logos and offices caught our eyes on every move. People who we met also somehow though we must work on the IT field 🙂

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