Tomorrow we are going to start our trip and before that, we want to introduce you our gear.

The one and most important companion for us in Europe will be the Volkswagen Passat we bought especially for the trip. It is going to be our home for the next month. We have made a comfy bed where we will sleep and we can easily fit all the necessary things we need in this spacious car. Kaija’s little niece was a little confused though today that a car can not be a home, but in the end, we hope we could convince her.

Since we travel in Europe by car, we decided that we can easily take a little bit more things than we actually might need. Our backpacks are basically full of clothes and for this, we need to thank Jaanus` mom for giving us all the possible clothes we would need during the trip. We packed pretty much clothes for every weather, from warm sweaters to very light summer clothes. At some point, we probably need to leave most of them behind, because once we had packed our clothes, there was no space left for anything else. 

Hereby, we just count the things you can see from the picture from right to left:

1. Kaija’s grey running and hiking shoes- these hiking shoes we bought specially for the trip
2. water bottles and coffee or tea cups we got as a present
3. Kaija’s white hat
4. orange hammock
5. blue water-resistant backpack cover
6. cooling bags for food
7. Kaija’s grey and red backpack which has a bird-shaped reflector which we got as a present. The backpack also has a talisman angel which was given as a present from Kaija’s mom and is bought from Notredam. There is also a green name tag which was also given as a present so the bags would find the way back to us when it becomes necessary.
8. next to the bag is also a silver bottle for water
9. below the bag are Jaanus` slipper which he got from Kaija’s dad. The slippers are in Estonian flag colors. There was a serious joke with it because he said that if it rains then Jaanus` feet are going to be the same color and Kaija actually did believe it
10. on the other side of the backpack is Kaijas` used to be running but now money belt
11. below that is one of the two water-resistant bags. The second one is in Kaija’s backpack with the warms clothes it which we will not hopefully need for some time
12. on the water-resistant bag there are two cans of pepper spray.
13. and below those is the binocular
14. next to it are Kaija’s flip-flops
15. above them is a small green rucksack which Jaanus bought especially for the trip. It can be used as a day bag and its packable to very small thereby it doesn’t take much room.
16. above it is Jaanus` grey belt bag. Perfect for storing money, bank cards, and mobile phone when wearing trousers with no pockets.
17. next to it are Jaanus` running shoes and old hiking boots
18. then there is Jaanus` blue backpack, it has a stone with the hole from Hiiumaa tied to it which was given as a present and a talisman from Jaanus` mom.
19. above Jaanus` bag is his hat
20. tied to the backpack is also his blue hammock
21. there is also a camping dishes which was given to us as a present.

Inside the bags are necessary cosmetics, sun protection, first aid kit (you can see from the picture was advised by the Dr to take with us), a small gas-kettle, a lot of wires for charging the phones and battery banks, the compass, some books and notebooks, a knife we got from Kaijas dad, night lamps for both of us and pretty much everything else we could think of that what we could use. We also bought ribbons with Estonian flag colors so we could give little presents to the people we meet on the way. 

We made copies of our passports and vaccination sheets, international driving license and confirmation for car insurance, health insurance card we can use in Europe and we also made sure that our bank cards will not expire during the trip. 


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