USA West Coast road trip – The Oregon state (29-30 November)

Oregon is known to be the state with one of the most beautiful and diverse nature and landscape. We can confirm it sure is. From Portland, we drove along Columbia river. It is one of the most beautiful highways because there are numerous beautiful waterfalls by the road. We stopped by one of the most famous, the Multnomah Falls, which is 189 meters high (compared to the Estonian highest waterfall which is only 8 meters). The Multnomah Falls is significant because of the footbridge which spans the lower falls at a height of 105 feet (32 m) and provides an expansive view of the upper falls. There are few hiking trails also around the area allowing to admire the waterfalls and the Columbian river at different angles.

On our way, we also met Horse Tail Falls. We spotted few hikers there despite the bad weather. We decided to skip this time to save time and health.

We drove along the river bay and then turned toward Mount Hood, which is the highest volcanic mountain in the US (3429 m). There is always snow there, so you can sky all year long. We arrived back in the winter. The signs along the road made us aware that there might be a need for chained tires. The signs even stated that it is prohibited to drive further without chained tires. We did not have chained tires, but we did luckily have a great car with MS tires and four-wheel drive. Unfortunately, the weather was still not great and there was a lot of fog. So we’re already prepared to not see the famous Mount Hood at all. Luckily, we still happened to witness as a short moment to see the top of the mountain and take a picture. This was a matter of seconds because, after only some seconds, the mountain was covered with fog again.

The road continued over the mountain range until we arrived at an endless field. It was quite boring to drive because the road went pretty much only straightforward with no turns. At one moment we passed a bridge. We were shocked because in the middle of nowhere was suddenly an enormously deep river valley. Sort of like the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures of this, because you could only see it on the highway bridge and it was prohibited to walk on the bridge and the riverside was surrounded by a gate. Some places we have to just save into our memory. We saw also the damages of recent forest fires in the area. It seems that there are lot of forest firest in the area and allover the world

Our next stop was the Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US (594 meters). The deepest lake in Estonia is for example only 38 meters. We arrived at the national park in the dark and we were quite surprised by the piles of snow there. Arriving at night, we decided to stay there overnight, so we could still see the lake in daylight the next morning. The weather was not the best for sleeping in the car, but we survived it. Our windscreen was covered with 5 cm of snow in the morning and we had no equipment to clean the car from snow. We still managed somehow and started to look for this famous lake…. But the lake was nowhere to be found. The morning was also extremely foggy and it snowed. So inside snowstorm, the visibility was maybe maximum 10 meters. We thoughts it is also not worth to wait and hope that the weather gets better. Despite we drove thousands of kilometers to see the Crater Lake, we did not manage to see it. But what can you do? We still tried to make the best of it, enjoyed the snow and the beautiful views of snowy forests.

So, this was the surprising end of our trip to Oregon. We certainly hope to get some more sun in the Golden State of California.

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