The Baltics (24-25 July)

The Baltics we mostly just drove through. The weather has been extremely hot and this has not been very fun without an air-conditioning… We have driven around 400 km per day and had just random stops for food and swimming.

We had a quick swim in Arona, Latvia in a lake that actually was not really swimmable (look at the video below). We were more muddy and dirty after the swim than before.

We spent our first night in the Zarasai, Lithuania. It was a small campers place by a lake, which was extremely pretty. There were actually a lot of lakes with little beaches in Lithuania, that just invited you for a swim. Obviously, there were also a lot of people camping with their families.

The next day we drive to Vilnius and we spent an hour to walk around the old town. Kaija had been to Vilnius before, so she definitely wanted to visit the church which had a separate tower. We did a lot of pictures outside and inside the church, but then we discovered that there was no memory card in the camera: D **** happens, what can you do? … We walked by the presidential palace which was under construction and ended up by the Frank Zappa monument. Some Canadian folks were also exploring the statue and they told us a long story who Zappa was and what he had done. Frank Zappa was an American musician and he actually never went to Lithuania and had no connection to the country. However, the youth of Lithuania had a very strong connection to Zappa because he was the icon of their newfound freedom during the Soviet times. They also told us that there is a replica of this statue in Baltimore… in front of a library.. Let’s see if we find it there. The Canadian folks were really fun and they told us to pose whole doing heavy metal moves (you can see from the pictures below whether we achieved that ;)).

This was pretty much all we encountered during our drive-through.

Currently, we are already in Poland, camping near a small town Grajewo. The first thing we have noticed is that the roads are much better in Poland than they are in Baltics. This is something new for us..

Jaanus is going to swim (video)

Sleepyhead (video)

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