Hiking on top of San Pedro Volcano (13 December)

Guatemala is a land of volcanos and thereby we could not resist hiking on top of one of those. There are 3 volcanos around the Lake Atitlan and San Pedro volcano is the most famous for hiking. It is not an active volcano and hiking on top of it should be achievable for everyone.

Like usually we had to start early. We woke up at six o’clock in the morning so we could start the hike around 0730. We hoped that if we start early, we will reach on top before it gets cloudy in the afternoon. However, it was cloudy already in the morning thereby we knew that we might not see anything from the top after all. The patriarch of our host family ordered tuk-tuk for us and came with us to the beginning of the trail. He wanted to make sure that we will get there safely. Since we stayed at their place, he took the safety of us very seriously. He also shared the phone number of the guide who took us on the trail in case something happens.

We read from several blogs and reviews that people who go there without the guide might fall a victim of the robbery. Thereby we did not doubt paying the guide. Good news is that you will get the guide anyway when paying the entrance fee. It just that some people try to trick and not pay the entrance fee and do the trail their own which is not recommended. The entrance fee was 100Q which is about 12 euros per person.
Before we started, we had a quick breakfast which the matriarch prepared for us and packed on the way. Diego shared the phone number with the guide so that the guide will call him so he can order a tuk-tuk for us again once we finish. The tuk-tuk guy was a friend of Diego, someone who he could trust.

At the beginning of the trail, we saw numerous coffee plants, banana trees, avocado trees, and corn fields. Avocado trees were huge and you had to be careful because avocados were falling off and might hot your head. Soon the agricultural land turned into more like the jungle.

The trail was quite steep and not so easy. Kaija had troubles to stay at the same pace with the guide. We asked the guide, what’s the fastest he can make it to the top. He said two hours, it took twice as long with us. Despite it was physically challenging and the weather was bit cloudy we still enjoyed the hike. We listened to the birds singing and we even saw a Colibri. It was a good choice to start early because it was not so hot. There were not so many people on the trail so we could enjoy the nature uninterrupted.

Before noon we finally made it on top. Like guessed it was cloudy and we could not saw the view on the lake. On top, we also saw two policemen. We thanked them for keeping the area safe. We had a quick lunch and started to walk back down

Going down was easy. We had more time and strength to enjoy the nature and even to fool around – Jaanus thought he is a Tarzan in the jungle.

In total, we hiked for 6 hours. We recommend choosing when you go there because good clear weather makes all the difference. Despite we did not have good weather we still enjoyed it fully. We got good physical exercise and spent the day in nature.

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