Quick layover in Bogota, Colombia (30 December)

Our flight to Lima had a 24-hour layover on Bogota and for sure we did not want to spend all this time at the airport. So we booked a hostel nearby and explored the city a little bit. At first, we thought we will also visit the historic part of the city or so-called old town but this was quite far away from our accommodation and airport – 15 km and with the bus 1 hour. Thereby we decided we will stay in the district where our hostel was and explore around there.

This was the lounge area of our hostel.

First, we had a good few hours of sleep after a long flight and in the afternoon we went out for some food. We found a local restaurant which featured really low prices and good food and big portions. It seemed to be another place where only locals go. We got two meals, two fruit bowls, and a beer for less than 6 euros.

Next we went to the local market. For our great surprise it was one of the best markets we have visited so far. The variety of fruits, vegetables and meat sold there was incredible and again, prices unbelievably cheap. We decided we will have a fruit tasting in the evening because we found some fruits there which we had never seen before.

This is what we got for less than 5 euros and there was still some of it left to have for breakfast. All the fruits had such exotic names that it was difficult to remind them all, but we had several types of passion fruits, mandarins or oranges, black berries, mango, something called tomato tree fruits etc.

Overall we felt little bit sad that we did not planned more time for Colombia because it seems great country with great people. The guys running the hostel were very welcoming and helpful. Next day they walked with us to the bus station where we got to take free bus to the airport saving some taxi money for us. In the future we would definitely want to visit Colombia again.

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