Slovakia (31 July – 01 August)

After charging our batteries and drying our shoes from the hiking in Polish Tatar’s we took a course towards Slovakia. Since we already were on the wave of hiking, we decided to do a quick hiking in Slovakia as well. Kaija had done some research and found a hiking trail called Sucha Bele. The trail is known and famous because it runs in the riverbed of a small river which runs down from the mountains. On the warm season, the river is quite dry but one could tell that during snow melting periods the water level in the river is much higher.

Since we like to put ourselves through challenges, also this hike was quite challenging mentally and physically. In some places, which were impossible to get through otherwise, there were metal chains and man-built pathways and ladders aiding the hikers. We called it a natural adventure park. Sucha Bele was definitely breathtakingly beautiful, but it was different beauty than in Tatar`s. Although it was difficult and scary to climb up the ladders with only a cliff beneath you, somehow it was not that scary than in Tatar`s. Kaija thought it must be probably because one would know that if they fall in Sucha Bele, you will probably end up breaking some bones, but if you fall in Tatra`s, then this would be it.

According to the reviews, the trail was supposed to be about 3 hours long. Two hours up, and one down. We, however, managed to spend 5 hours in the woods, because we decided to take some other way back (Jaanus thought its a good idea). Halfway down we got lost so it wasn’t so good idea anymore. It was a little bit ironic because Jaanus just announced when we were climbing down that he just got warmed up and it would be a pity if this is it… so maybe he got lost on purpose? 😀

However, we met some fellow hikers who gave us some tips on how to get on the tracks again. We had to walk several hundreds of meters in the direction where we just had come but managed to find the correct path back to where we started. The trail back followed a riverside and it was a very nice way back and this showed us that the whole Slovak Paradise National Park is worth discovering. There were many families with little kiddos, and the kids seem to have a lot of fun in the natural adventure park – not minding also to walk long distances and be in nature.

So, in the end, we were really happy that we took a longer route. We also took a quick swim in the river before heading back to the car.

Some pictures from the hike.



Because our hike was a little longer than we expected and it was already late, so we decided to stay at a camping which was nearby. It cost a bit more than we expected – 18 euros for two of us – however, we still managed to keep our daily budget and we could sleep in proper bed another night. We could also have a proper shower (which was much needed after a long hike in hot day) and wash our dirty clothes and hiking shoes again J. Although the place we stayed was pricey, it reminded us a lot of the time when we were kids and were in summer camps, so we slept in a bunk bed and the toilets were outside. But the star of the night was a local Slovak who sang and played the guitar to us by the campfire.

We told in the previous post that we will head to Budapest. However, we decided not to conquer another capital and walk in the old town. We wanted to do something different. Also, our next goal is to reach the coast of the Black Sea asap in order to have a beach vacation for a few days. Thereby to save some time and arrive earlier we took a course to Tokaj to see the famous wine region and from there on to Bulgaria, via Romania.

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