Bangkok, Thailand (16 – 19 May)

We exchanged the 1.5 million people capital city of Cambodia against 8 million people capital city in Thailand. At Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, we were welcomed by a familiar long immigration queue. Until now, we have been quite quickly through immigration, but in Bangkok, we stayed for over an hour. Since we landed at night, by that time we were both relatively zombies and we didn’t even consider using public transport to reach the hostel. We took the Grab which delivered us to the hostel with a reasonable price and time.

Bangkok was a quick layover stop for us and we were not prepared to make excursions to the big city and surrounding areas. We hoped to taste Thai food and shop a little. We spent a few nights in the matchbox hostel. It was a special experience of sleeping in a hostel, where there was only the bed, which can be separated by a curtain from the hallway. It is quite difficult to put this context into words but it is similar to a capsule hotel. Maybe the next video gives a better idea.

In Bangkok, we had to endure the burning hot air temperature again. We went to the city center to see the most beautiful temples in the Thai capital, but eventually, we only limit ourselves to just a few. Luckily for us, it was quite enough and we could see beautiful Budha statues and colorful temples and statues. It was also fascinating to go around the temples because there were monks living in the area and it was interesting to watch their daily lives and doings.

We also visited the famous Khao Sani, where tourists go to taste cockroaches, spiders, snakes and other exciting tastings. This time Jaanus dared to tasting a scorpion, and miraculously survived.

Of the markets we chose Chatuckak’s weekend market and Pratunam market. Chatuckak is said to be one of the largest markets in the world and it could really find everything from dog food to soap and used cucci-mucci clothes. The Pratunam market is more famous for buying clothes in bulk quantities. There was a lot more of the people and the merchants there than they could fit comfortably on such a territory. We had great difficulties in finding a place to sell men’s clothes in addition to many many of women’s clothes. Finally, we managed to find some necessary things and put the package on the way to Estonia. We hope that new clothes are waiting for us at home once we get there 🙂

Traffic in Bangkok was, in our opinion, quite easy. We mostly traveled with a so-called sky train or Grab. Sky train was very comfortable and also much faster than a car in Bangkok which is known for congestion.

Thai food has been is one of our favorite and we tried our old favorites – pad Thai, pineapple rice, papaya salad, tom yum rice and so on. Like last time in Thailand, we were excited about the food!

And of course, the Thai visit must also include Thai massage. Since we did not had much time, we could only afford a leg massage this time. But for Jaanus, it was enough to fall asleep in a massage chair.

This was briefly our quick stop in the Thai capital city. We left enough room to discover it more. However, the following adventures are already more exciting for us. Sri Lanka is waiting for us! So stay tuned.

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