Bulgaria :) (04 August – 08 August)

Bulgaria firstly surprised us with the extremely bad roads. It might have been caused by the fact that we did not drive on the main highways, but definitely… Bulgaria is the winner for the most awful roads.

We could not find a reasonably priced Airbnb host in Varna or Burgas. Thereby we decided to go to book something for two nights in Pomorie. It’s a small town in between Varna and Burgas. We don’t like big touristy cities anyway, so this was a perfect compromise.

When we arrived, the host notified us that there is no water in the town since morning. She said that it should be back by 17.00 same evening. The reality was that water came back some time in the middle of the night but was gone again by the morning… and it stayed like that 2 days till we left. It was not very pleasant, especially when it concerned the toilet, but we comfort ourselves that everyone in town must go through that right now… 🙂

During those days we spent most of the day on the beach – reading books and listening to audiobooks, fool around in the waves and just take a look at the impressively beautiful Black Sea. For the both of us it was the first time to see and swim in the Black Sea.

In Bulgaria, beer and eating out was quite cheap for our standards, but the food was not especially good. Maybe just because we couldn’t find any authentic places in Promorie.We had a lovely stay, watching the sunset in the small local harbor and see the fireworks. It was like a little vacay from the traveling..

Since we had a not so pleasant stay in our Airbnb apartment because of the water issue, we decided we will book another place for one night in some other town. We found a place 15 km away called Sveti Vlas. Enroute there we also visited the famous Sunny Beach, but we did not really enjoy the famous beach, because it was sooooo crowded.

The new Airbnb place we had for this night was however great. The host, Stanislav,  was very friendly. When we arrived, he was working on installing some lamps in her balcony which was in the backyard and Jaanus helped him with electricity work, so he offered us to stay another night for free. He actually would have allowed us to stay until the weekend, but our schedule is tight and so we decided we will only take an extra free night in Stanislav’s place…. we just could not resist the view and a comfy bed. We also could prepare our first homemade meal during the travel, so we made a pasta with tomato sauce. Tomatoes were directly from our hosts garden. It was the best food we had had so far 🙂

Summary of the beaches we visited. Sunny beach – very touristy and dirty. Pomorie – very nice beach – not sandy beach, but very comfy and private. In the future, we hopefully will know better and avoid the main touristy beaches.

We did not do a lot of sightseeing In Bulgaria. Basically, the only sight we visited was the Nesebar old town, which was extremely beautiful and worth the time. There were a lot of hidden restaurants right by the sea, which looked so perfect for an intimate dinner. The houses in the old town were impressive. The historical style of houses in Bulgarian Black Sea region is where the first floor is always a stone and a second wooden.

There were a lot of nice churches and souvenir shops.

We decided to waste some money and have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants because it was the 7th. We have a tradition with Jaanus that since we started dating, we try to do something together on our anniversary day every month, which means the 7th every month. We had mussels in a super cozy restaurant in the middle of the old town and later also some ice-cream. It was a perfect evening!

The next day we started driving toward Serbia. Since we have agreed to meet a friend in Genoa on the 15th, we are under time pressure. So we decided not to go sightseeing in Sofia and not to spend a lot of time there. We basically only drove though one rich part of the city in the mountains.  We saw an old church and wanted to walk to the waterfall which was supposed to be close by, but it turned out that it is not possible to drive to the waterfall and we would have needed to hike a couple of hours. Since we were not prepared for that and had no spare time, we could not go…. so definitely we want to come back to the city of Wisdom – The Sofia.

Last day in the Sveti Vlas we were also very lucky to …. but we will reveal why in one of our later posts 🙂 stay tuned!

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