Turkey, Antalya ( 1 – 7 June )

After three days in Istanbul, we flew on to Antalya, where we had booked a long hotel vacation. Although Antalya Airport is not very far from the city center and the taxi is relatively cheap, we decided to use a tram which was even cheaper. For this, you need to buy a one-time ticket or a reusable plastic card, where you can add money if needed. Our hotel was located only 2 km from the nearest tram stop in the city center, so the tram was a comfortable and affordable choice that we would recommend to other travelers to Antalya.

We had chosen one of the more modest hotel, but it was decent and with breakfast and dinner. Our room was big and clean and the food was good. It was a 15-minute walk to the beach, but there was also a free hotel shuttle. The Old Town was also only a 15 min walk away. So we were very pleased with our choice since the location was very good and the hotel itself was decent.

Most of the days we spent resting. This meant staying in the hotel pool area or on the beach. In the evenings, when the weather was no longer so hot, we discovered the Old Town and made some final shopping.

The funniest story about this is when Jaanus spotted a cool Nike dress while shopping in the market. The local salesman did not miss the opportunity and immediately called us to choose the right size in the back room. The similar dresses in the back room had noticeably changed to the Adidas dresses. Another funny story was that if Jaanus did not find the right size shirt, the salesman quickly took the XL size and went away for the moment and when he came back the shirt and the label was suddenly changed to L. The shirt itself was, of course, the same. In short, in the Turkish market all your wishes are fulfilled, but at the same time not quite 😀

One day we decided to go see the waterfall of Düden, which falls directly into the sea. For this, we had to take a bus ride of about 10 km from the city center. The waterfront has a very nice view from the rocky edge and is well worth a visit. It is said to be one of the few waterfalls in the world that falls directly into the sea. Thus, it is possible to go seeing the waterfall by boat. We decided to take a walk back because the footpath was mostly along a beautiful rocky coast. Defying the heat and refreshing for a couple of ice creams, beer, and a swim stop, it was a pleasant walk and we made even the past days we spent laying by the pool and the beach.

On our way back to the city center, we afforded a proper Turkish street kebab that we had not tried yet.

So, we had a good rest during our last week before returning home from a long journey. When we got home, we also had a little surprise, which we will write about in the next post.

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