Serbia… one of our favourites so far. (08 August – 09 August)

Since we are starting to have some time pressure we decided to go straight to Serbia and leave Albania and Macedonia for some other time. We have been telling since the beginning that our motto is not to just collect countries. Thereby since we saw that we have not enough time to explore some of the sights there, we decided not to go at all. We really would want to see at least see and do something that we like and enjoy in every country we visit instead of just visit every county

So we took a course towards Serbia and we crossed the Bulgarian Serbian border on the evening of 8th of August. We didn’t know much about Serbia, thereby we were prepared for the worst – that the roads are probably bad and it’s probably quite dangerous. However, it turned out to be the opposite. Roads were one of the best so far and the truck drivers resting area near Nis, where we spent a night, was also one of the best we have seen so far. It was in the closed territory and had a security guard. Jaanus had dinner and a beer for 3.3 euros only. The waitress provided better service than in some restaurants, despite that it was quite a random bar near the highway… and the food we just extremely tasty. For parking, we had to pay 5 euros but it included the showers, WiFi and everything else we needed for a good stay. Indeed very warm welcome. Next morning we decided to have a breakfast there as well because it was such a great place.

Next morning we visited the Old Fortress of Niš. We made a quick tour – it seemed to be a lovely town. Near the fortress, they were preparing for a jazz festival and we had a chance to take a look at the jazz museum. The museum caught our attention because it was built in the rooms of what used to be a Hammam. These rooms definitely were suitable for a sauna but also for a museum.  Seems that Serbians are very fond of jazz.

We continued towards a place called a Devils Town. It’s a geomorphologic phenomenon in the south of Serbia, on the slopes of Radan Mountain. The locale is comprised of 202 earthen figures formed by erosion and springs with strongly acidic and mineralized water. The earthen figures, between 2 and 15 meters tall and 0.5 to 3 meters wide and with stone “caps” are the result of erosive processes that lasted for centuries. There was also a Red Spring where so-called devils water was running. The water is highly mineralized and very acidic (Ph of 3.5). The reddish color is caused by the oxidation of iron in the water.

The roads and landscape in Serbia were incredible. However, if you go there, please be guided that average speeds in mountain roads are about 50-60 km per hour. The distances at first might look small, but it takes more time than you think – because of the narrow and curvy roads and because of the villages.

This is how driving in Serbia looked a like.

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