Monaco (17 August)

After we left Italy, we made a quick visit to Monaco. It was on our way anyway and it would have been a pity not to visit the home of one of the finest and biggest yacht boats. Jaanus certainly did not want to miss those. We hoped to visit Jaanus’ relative who lives in Monaco but unfortunately she was not around at that time, but she still gave us some tips what to visit.

When we crossed the border, there were two local police officers with machine guns stopping our vehicle. It was quite frightening at first because we have had no trouble with Police during our trip. We thought maybe we had been speeding and that’s the reason, but it turned out to be random check because of the foreign number plate. They checked our documents and let us continue. 

After we managed to find the parking place in tiny Monaco we went to the harbor. It was quite easy to find a parking on the street. 2 hours of parking, however, costs 4.8 euros. We were amazed at how many superyachts there were. Many of them had security guards on board so we were even bit afraid to take pictures.

So we followed also Jaanus’ relative’s tip to visit the Casino Monte Carlo. Since we didn’t follow the signs precisely we made a little detour when we were trying to walk to the casino. When we finally got there, we saw many luxury cars parked in front of the casino and the building itself looked very fancy and historical. We only got to explore the lobby, because to get actually in the casino you need to pay.

We thought we will visit the palace of the prince as well, but it was a very hot day and we decided not to because it was in the other end of the town. We only spent 2 hours in Monaco, so we did not see much – on the other hand, its a small country anyway. Since we came to see the superyachts then our target in Monaco was met. 

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