About us

Hello! Glad you found us! KaseCampers blog is put together by Kaija and Jaanus Kasekamp. We are a couple traveling around the world and blogging about our adventures during the trip. With this blog, we want to keep informed our family and friends back in Estonia, but also everyone else who is interested to read about our adventure.

We are a young couple from Estonia. Kaija is currently 29 and Jaanus 31 years old. We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and 6 years together as a couple. Kaija used to work in health insurance and financing and was used to traveling a lot because of work. Jaanus worked in shipping but was mostly stuck behind an office desk. We both had quite good jobs and a decent carrier. Though, this did not satisfy our passion to travel together. Jaanus had always had a dream to do a world around trip with yacht boat. Kaija also wanted to travel around the world, because traveling for work did not satisfy her passion to actually get to know how people live their every day lives around the world.

After our wedding, we decided we still want to take up some adventures before we settle down and have kids. So we started to save money so we could go for an around the world trip. We managed to save enough to start our trip in 2018 July. So we both quit our jobs, bought an old car and start to drive towards … nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Our Plan is that there is no plan 🙂

Why are we doing this? Our aim is to see as many beautiful authentic sights, taste homemade local cuisines and to get to know the local traditions and people in every country we visit on our journey. Through this, we want to learn new things and experience new emotions which we can pass on to others. We planned to start with Europe, driving firstly through the Baltic’s to Poland and then to Bulgaria. From there on we plan to drive to Croatia through the Balkan’s. In the end we plan to arrive in Spain or Portugal to find a yacht boat which would take us on board to ship over the Atlantic.

Followingly, the plans are quite open.  We know we want to spend less time in US and some more time in South-America. We definitely want to visit some friends and family in the US. We currently have planned to celebrate the NewYears eve in New Zealand. From there on we will go to Australia and Asia and if we have any time or money left, then possibly also Africa.

As described here, we have not done much of detailed planning. Our motto is definitely not to collect countries. We plan to collect moments, good emotions and a lot of new friends. If possible we would want to do some voluntary work, but we do not plan to find any permanent job. Our budget is tight, so we plan to found couches to surf or sleep in the car or tent. So it definitely will not be a luxury trip.

You all can read in our blog how this will actually turn out 🙂